James Pt. 9

Sep 30, 2019 By: David Henneke Series: James Scripture: James 4:1-4

Many Christians, pursue their pleasures and desperately chase after the wrong things, things that are clearly hostile to God. Any person who is a friend of this world stands against Go because they stand against all that God is. An IMPURE person is an enemy of God’s PURITY. An UNHOLY person is an enemy of God’s HOLINESS. A DECEPTIVE person is an enemy of God’s TRUTHFULNESS. A GREEDY person is an enemy of God’s CHARACTER that GIVES generously & sacrificially. James’ writing suggests several penetrating questions. Are you better friends with the world or with God? What are you pursuing…. your personal desire or the will of God? Are you a FRIEND of God or are you His enemy? How would God answer these questions?