Romans 7:7-13

Nov 01, 2021 By: David Henneke Series: Romans Scripture: Romans 7:7-13

It is one thing for a Believer to understand that their identification with Jesus Christ means that they have died to sin (6:2), it is another thing for the Believer to count or to reckon that to be true (6:11), it is something else for the Believer to deal with the sin nature that remains. This is the internal conflict in the area of sanctification that every Believer must deal with. In verses 1-6, we see the relationship between the believer and the law and in verses 7-13, we see the relationship between the law and sin


(1) The Law Reveals Sin  (vs. 7)    

(2) The Law Arouses Sin (vs. 8-9)

(3) The Law Reveals the Fact of Condemnation and Death (vs. 10-11)

(4) The Law Shows the Sinfulness of Sin (vs. 12–13)