Romans 3:9-20 Part 1

Apr 19, 2021 By: David Henneke Series: Romans Scripture: Romans 3:9-12

In Chapter 1, Paul gave his attention primarily to the sinfulness of the Gentiles. In Chapter 2 (beginning in vs 17) he turned his attention to the sinfulness that is present among the Jews. The conclusion that follows in Chapter 3, verse 9 is: for we have already charged that both Jews and Greeks are all under sin. To validate his accusation that everybody is “under sin” in verses 10–18 Paul quotes from 6 Old Testament passages. In doing so he gives a series of specific charges. These charges can be broken into two major categories: (1) concerning the CHARACTER of the Natural Man (10–12) and (2) concerning the CONDUCT of the Natural Man (13–17).

THIS WEEK we will look at the charges concerning CHARACTER.