Romans 3:1-8

Apr 12, 2021 By: David Henneke Series: Romans Scripture: Romans 3:1-8

Thru these 8 verses, by asking and answering three questions, Paul has further clarified the universal need of Salvation for everyone: 

(1)  What advantage is it to be a Jew? Every advantage, especially possessing the Word of God

(2)  Will unbelief cancel God’s faithfulness? Absolutely notit establishes it. 

(3)  If our sin demonstrates His righteousness, how can He judge us? God’s justice is the demonstration of His perfect love. The crosswas where God carried out His perfect justice upon His Son. The cross WAS where God displayed His perfect Love for mankind. The cross is the perfect demonstration of God’s love & justice

EVERYONE IS IN DESPERATE SPIRITUAL NEED OF THE GRACE OF GOD. We will see this even more in chapter 3:9-20.